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Sarah Cullen
Admissions Coordinator
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Designers have the potential to transform the lives of people at every scale of their endeavor, from the buildings we live in to the clothes we wear. In the O’More College of Architecture & Design, we strive to nurture a community in which students fulfill their personal gifts and talents through challenging academics in a culture of support, collaboration, and creativity, becoming agents of positive change in their communities and around the world.

O’More students enjoy small class sizes and personalized attention from faculty with distinguished records of scholarship, extensive creative practices, and significant industry experience that enhances their teaching. Curricula engage traditional principles and cutting-edge technologies; classrooms, studios, and supplementary work spaces support every step in the creative process. Integrating professional education with the liberal arts, the O’More programs are also committed to 新濠天地app’s mission to fully equip students to move with ease into their chosen fields and to be flexible for future opportunities. 新濠天地app’s commitment to its Christian heritage of learning and service further ensures that graduates are prepared to pursue paths of fulfillment and meaning in their lives and work.

An O’More education positions graduates to serve and positively influence people and populations by imagining, designing, and realizing a better, more beautiful, and more just world. We would be delighted to welcome you to campus, introduce you to our community of learners, and talk with you about the way that our programs can serve your personal and professional aspirations.



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